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On the basis of physical sorting and recycling, Jiecheng New Energy further improves the utilization efficiency of valuable metals such as nickel, cobalt, manganese and lithium in batteries, and uses reasonable and efficient hydrometallurgy process technology to prepare battery-grade cobalt, nickel, manganese and lithium salts, thus realizing the industrial cycle from retired batteries to recycled battery materials.

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  • Lithium carbonate

    Lithium carbonate

    Product Description: Lithium carbonate, an inorganic compound, is a colourless monoclinic crystal or white powder, commonly used as a raw material for lithium-ion batteries, as well as in the manufacture of glass and ceramics.

    Molecular formula: Li₂CO₃   Molecular weight: 73.89

    Melting point: 720°C            Density: 2.11 g/cm³

    Properties: colourless monoclinic crystals or white powder

    Use: Battery grade lithium carbonate is mainly used for the preparation of lithium cobaltate, lithium manganate, ternary materials and lithium iron phosphate and other lithium ion battery cathode materials.

    Grade: Battery grade

  • Nickel sulphate

    Nickel sulphate

    Product Description: Nickel Sulphate is a yellow-green granular crystal. Highly pure nickel sulphate extracted from waste lithium ion batteries. It is suitable for the production of nickel-containing cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries.

    Molecular formula: NiSO₄    Molecular weight: 154.76

    Melting point: 840°C            Density: 3.68g/cm³

    Appearance: Green transparent crystals

    Uses: used in electroplating, nickel batteries, catalysts, etc., and used as printing and dyeing mordant, metal colorant, etc.; 

    Grade: battery grade

  • Cobalt sulphate

    Cobalt sulphate

    Product Description: Cobalt sulfate, a rose-red crystal, is used in the production of cobalt-containing cathode materials for lithium-ion and lithium polymer batteries.

    Molecular formula: CoSO₄              Molecular weight: 154.997

    Melting point: 96-98°C                    Density: 1.948 g/cm³

    Property: Rose red monoclinic crystal

    Uses: Used in ceramic glaze and paint drying agent, also used in electroplating, alkaline batteries, production of cobalt pigments and other cobalt products.

    Grade: Battery grade

  • Manganese sulphate

    Manganese sulphate

    Product Description: Manganese sulphate, a white or light pink crystal, is suitable for trace analysis reagent, mordant and paint drier.

    Molecular formula: MnSO₄

    Molecular weight: 151.001

    Melting point: 700°C

    Density: 3.25 g/cm³

    Properties: white to pink crystalline powder

    Uses: Commonly used as trace analysis reagent, mordant and paint desiccant

    Grade: Battery grade

  • Ternary precursors

    Ternary precursors

    The NCM series of precursors are prepared from nickel, cobalt and manganese salts, which undergo a salt-base neutralisation reaction in ammonia and alkali solution to produce nickel-cobalt-manganese hydroxide NixCoyMn(1-x-y)(OH)2 precipitate. The NCA precursor is based on nickel, cobalt and aluminium salts as raw materials and is subjected to a salt-base neutralisation reaction in ammonia and alkali solutions to give a nickel-cobalt-aluminium hydroxide precipitate.

    Grade: Battery grade

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