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Energy storage cabinets

Energy storage cabinets

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The energy storage cabinet is the basic unit of energy storage equipment. The daily power storage of an energy storage cabinet reaches 5,500 kW·h, like a large power bank, which is Equivalent to the daily electricity consumption of over 500 households.

The energy storage system can be connected to the grid as an independent system, playing a role in peak shaving and valley filling, reactive power compensation, etc.; the energy storage system can also be used with new energy generation to form a scenery storage system, smoothing the new energy grid power on the power generation side; the energy storage system can also be used with wind power generation, photovoltaic power generation and other new energy generation systems built in the load centre together to form a micro-grid system to improve energy efficiency, improve power quality, improve the reliability of power supply, reflect green and environmental protection, etc. This can improve energy efficiency, power quality, reliability and environmental protection.

Depending on the mode of new energy access, the energy storage microgrid system can be divided into two control modes: common DC busbar and common AC busbar. By using a multi-directional converter system to achieve microgrid power supply, it ensures uninterrupted operation of electrical loads even in the event of power outages in the power grid.

Through the optimal configuration of batteries, inverters, bidirectional converters and scenic equipment, we can realise the engineering consultation, design, system integration and station-level monitoring of energy storage systems, scenic storage systems and energy storage micro-grid systems.


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