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Recycled lithium nickel cobalt manganate powder

Recycled lithium nickel cobalt manganate powder

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Introduction: Regenerated ternary lithium battery electrode, ternary lithium battery powder removal

Category: Recycled lithium battery environmental raw materials

Parameters: Less than 100 mesh

Content: Co 5%-12%, Ni 17-25%, Li 3%-5%

Features: The battery factory end-of-life ternary cathode scraps, end-of-life ternary lithium battery, through physical dismantling, the lithium nickel cobalt manganese acid powder is separated out. Its impurity content can be controlled at, Al≤2%, Fe≤1%, Ca≤0.01%, Mg≤0.05%, As≤0.001%, Cd≤0.001%, which can be processed into battery grade cobalt sulphate, nickel sulphate, tri-cobalt tetraoxide and other chemical raw materials

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