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【Jie partner for the future】Jiecheng New Energy Groups 10th Anniversary Celebration and Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony came to a successful conclusion!

2023-04-18 15:01:06

Ten years of pioneering and innovation, ten years of hard work and dedication

One hundred and twenty months of work

A glorious time for Jie as an adult

On April 14, the 10th anniversary celebration and strategic cooperation signing ceremony of Jie Cheng New Energy Group with the theme of "Jie partner for the future" came to a successful conclusion at the China Shipping Plaza Hotel in Shenzhen. Nearly 500 government leaders, industry leaders, experts and scholars, business leaders, partners and media representatives from all over the country attended the event to witness the ten-year glorious journey of Jie Cheng New Energy Group and to start a new era of development of Jie Cheng New Energy Group!

Ten years of brilliance

At the beginning of the event, Zheng Weipeng, Chairman of Jie Cheng New Energy Group, Zheng Xiaoyi, Vice Mayor of Jiangmen Municipal People's Government, Yang Lin, Secretary General of the Special Committee on Battery Recycling of the China Electrical Energy Association, Yi Enjiang, General Manager of the East China Headquarters of Shenzhen Innovation Investment Group Limited, Chen Xiangbin, General Manager of Ant Digital Technology Line Industry and Energy, Ge Liang, First Class Researcher of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and Cao Shaoye, former Standing Committee Member of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee, Political Commissar of the Police District and Executive Deputy Director of the Municipal Committee for the Care of the Elderly, delivered speeches for the feast respectively.


Xu Zhenghe, Founding Dean of the School of Engineering of Southern University of Science and Technology, Foreign Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Sciences and Member of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, delivered a remote blessing for the ceremony. Xu Shengming, researcher of the Institute of Nuclear Energy and New Energy Technology of Tsinghua University and chief scientist of the National Key Research and Development Program project, Liang Zheng, associate professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University, and Han Junwei, associate professor of Central South University, made their respective sharing, based on the market situation, to share the cutting-edge information of the lithium industry to the participants and discuss the green future together.

He Jisan, one of the first academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, geophysicist, engineering management scientist and vice president of the Calligraphy and Painting Society of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Li Wenhai, global vice president China president of the Zhengda Group, global investment advisor of Guangdong Province, chairman of the 8th World Shakuhachi Festival 2022, honorary president of the Chaoqing Chamber of Commerce in Shenzhen, chairman of the Pujiang College of Nanjing University of Technology and president of the Yanfeng Academy, respectively presented calligraphy works that blend spiritual beauty with artistic beauty to Jie Cheng New Energy Group on this joyous and celebratory day.

Academician He encouraged Jebsen to continue to carry out its corporate mission, never forget its original intention and contribute to a green and sustainable future; President Li encouraged Jebsen to broaden its international vision, increase investment in research and development, enhance the height of technological innovation, become a leader in the lithium cycle industry and build an international brand with a hundred-year heritage.

Brand New, Winning Station Future

Zheng Weipeng, Chairman of Jie Cheng New Energy Group, together with Cao Shaoye, former Standing Committee Member of Shenzhen Municipal Committee, Political Commissar of Police District and Executive Deputy Director of Municipal Working Committee, Li Yijian, Deputy Director of Standing Committee of Longgang District People's Congress, Chen Bo, Standing Committee Member of Liyang Municipal Committee and Secretary of Party Committee of Liyang Economic Development Zone, Chen Bo, Chairman of Shenzhen Industry and Ltd., Yang Lin, Secretary General of the Special Committee on Battery Recycling of the China Electrical Energy Association, and Xu Shengming, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of the Institute of Nuclear Energy and New Energy Technology of Tsinghua University, came on stage together to witness the renewal of Jie Cheng brand.

Ding Baodong, Deputy General Manager of Jebsen New Energy Group, gave an interpretation of the new brand image. In the future, Jebsen will take a more energetic and international brand image to the international market and start a new journey.

Knowing and Acting for the Future    Shang Xin Jie Cheng

Chairman Zheng Weipeng explained the Group's strategic plan for the next ten years. He pointed out that in the next ten years, we will follow the trend of the times, follow the national policy, grasp the opportunities in the industry, stick to our original intention, never forget our mission, take the low-carbon cycle as our responsibility, create value for the society, build a comprehensive supply chain of new energy and green materials, strengthen team building, refine the management system, strengthen the technical barriers, maintain competitive advantages, improve profit levels, explore the global market and build a solid foundation for being an internationally renowned enterprise with a 100-year heritage. To build a solid foundation for an internationally renowned enterprise with a hundred-year heritage.

Chairman Zheng Weipeng said that Jebsen sincerely looks forward to working with friends from all walks of life, sharing resources, strengthening upstream and downstream business cooperation and technical cooperation, and jointly promoting the healthy development of lithium recycling and green materials industry; through strengthening ESG governance, practicing ESG concept, and improving ESG performance, ensuring that all partners create a win-win situation together, and jointly building a new ecology of new energy industry! During the event, a number of media outlets, including Longgang Rongming Media and Zongchuang TV, conducted on-site interviews with Chairman Zheng Weipeng.

Working together for a new success

Ltd, Guangdong Jinsheng New Energy Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Battery Industry Association, Wuxi Stainless Steel Electronic Trading Centre, Ant Chain, Fosun Hive Industry Fund and China Merchants Bank Co. The signing of the strategic cooperation is not only a useful exploration of cooperation and development among all parties, but also a practical action to jointly promote green and low-carbon sustainable development, which demonstrates the brand strength of Jie Cheng New Energy Group.


Jie Partners,Grateful to have you

The ten years of Jebsen New Energy's wind and rain journey cannot be separated from the trust and support of every partner. During the past ten years, the partners have made their best efforts to gather light and shine together on the road of Jebsen New Energy Group. In this regard, Jebsen New Energy Group's Deputy General Manager and General Manager of Supply Chain Center, Zhang Qiuyi, took the stage to express his heartfelt thanks to the partners who have supported and accompanied Jebsen to grow together for a long time! Deputy General Manager Zhang Qiuyi said that in the first ten years of Jebsen, we have seized the opportunity, achieved scientific development and maintained a good momentum of development. 2023 opens a new ten-year journey and carries new dreams, Jebsen will continue to adhere to the market-oriented, develop overseas markets, and continue to deepen the core competitiveness of the company, so as to achieve the inheritance of a century of internationally renowned enterprises and strive hard!

The journey doesn't stop there, we're going up

The years are gilded, and the songs and dances will always accompany. The dinner was held in three chapters: "Pioneering and Exploration", "A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains" and "Knowing and Doing". The wonderful programs were staged passionately in turn, with technology performance, band singing, classical dance, etc. creating a wonderful audio-visual feast for the guests to feast their eyes and look forward to the future in the joy of reunion.

The ceremony ended in the chorus of "Sea and Sky" sung by Chairman Zheng Weipeng, Vice General Manager of the Group and guests on the scene. Just like the lyrics in "Sea and Sky": "Forgive me for my unrestrained and indulgent love of freedom in my life, I will be afraid that one day I will fall down. Turning my back on my ideals, anyone can, and I will be afraid that one day only you will share me." Entrepreneurship is destined to be a road full of thorns and twists and turns, the only way to reach the end is love and faith. "Hundred boats compete, the first to fight for oars; a thousand sails, the brave to win." I believe that Jie Cheng's strength, confidence, boldness and unwavering sense of mission will enable Jie Cheng to run to a better future.

Looking back on ten years of wind and rain, we have gained a lot; looking forward to the infinite scenery of the future, we are full of aspirations. Standing at the starting line of the "new decade", Jebsen New Energy Group will adhere to its mission and keep on making new heights of development with the attitude of forging ahead to create the next extraordinary decade!


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