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【Good News】Jie Cheng New Energy Completes Series B Financing of Hundreds of Millions of Yuan to Accelerate the Establishment of ESG Model of Circular Manufacturing

2023-03-21 10:46:37


Recently, JieCheng New Energy completed several hundred million RMB Series B financing, this round of financing was jointly led by Deep Venture Capital and a first-tier internet war chest, another first-tier internet war chest and Hongwan Capital, Zifeng Capital, Jiangmen Xinhui Xinke, Changzhou Liyang Pingling Group, and Rong Capital followed, and the old shareholder Longgang Golden Control overfollowed. This round of financing funds will be used for battery recycling channel expansion, application scenario development and technology development and capacity expansion.

This is the second round of financing completed by Jebsen New Energy within 1 year. in July 2022, Jebsen New Energy completed a Series A round of financing of over 100 million yuan led by BOC Yue Cai, followed by Everbright Holdings, Longgang Golden Holdings (Shenzhen), and Xin Yi Capital. This is not only the affirmation of Jie Cheng's 10 years of hard work and innovative achievements, but also the encouragement and encouragement for our future development in the field of sustainable resources!

In the future, JieCheng New Energy will build a "digital intelligence and internationalization" lithium recycling platform by strengthening the industry chain synergy and capital empowerment, continue to focus on ESG innovation development and the whole life cycle management of batteries, collaborate with the upstream and downstream of the industry chain to build a waste battery recycling system and a new industrial ecology; gradually expand overseas business and promote the exchange and cooperation between the company and the international market. The company will gradually expand its overseas business, promote exchanges and cooperation with international markets, better serve customers and accelerate the pace of internationalization.

1. Create a flexible supply chain system - focus on the whole life cycle management of batteries 

China is the world's largest producer and manufacturer of new energy vehicles, while lithium reserves only account for about 6% of the world, 50% of lithium resources need to rely on imports, the supply and demand gap is huge. As the market penetration of new energy vehicles continues to rise, the amount of retired lithium batteries will grow rapidly, and the secondary use of retired batteries and resource recycling is expected to become the next trillion-dollar new market.

Battery recycling industry, upstream to undertake resources, downstream to connect applications. In the early years of development, Jebsen New Energy put its key resources into the expansion of upstream and downstream customers, and initially ran through the innovative mode of battery recycling business with a relatively light asset model combined with digitalization and informationization.

Jebsen New Energy Chairman Zheng Weipeng said that in the early stage of industry development, the market scale is not big enough and the channel is crucial, so Jebsen has concentrated its resources on cooperation with high-quality customers in the past few years, and will not blindly put into production and expand production capacity, but create a "flexible supply chain" system.

The characteristics of flexible supply chain are, firstly, the wide coverage of the industry; secondly, the high agility, which can match the upstream and downstream demands; thirdly, the guarantee, whether it is the rise or fall of raw material prices, or the change of production capacity and demand, Jiecheng can supply or support in a relatively stable way.

"We are able to use our certainty to help our customers fight some uncertainties, and sometimes even save the day." Zheng Weipeng introduced.

2. Establish diversified channel partners - build industry chain ecosystem 

The stable performance in business has allowed us to accumulate upstream and downstream resources such as head vehicle factories, battery factories, operation factories, precursor companies and energy storage companies. Jie Cheng's revenue will grow more than 3 times in 2021 and close to 1.5 billion yuan in 2022.

Zheng Weipeng said that in the resource recycling segment, the production capacity of wet method is planned for 11,000 metal tons, which is expected to be sold to the public in June and July. In the ladder utilization segment, we will also increase our efforts this year to gradually realize the application of the products to more new scenarios.

3. Build lithium application service + recycling + remanufacturing - +ESG innovation model Gradually expand overseas business

Through the MBC omnichannel concept, Jebsen New Energy will build digital recycling channels to extend the life cycle of batteries through leading technology methods, so that retired batteries can be effectively used in other fields and scenarios to achieve maximum value; using green and efficient crushing and dismantling production lines to realize the industrial cycle from retired batteries to battery recycling materials and help the dual carbon goal.

In addition, in the second half of this year, Jebsen New Energy's overseas business will also be gradually landed, mainly in two modes: one is technology going abroad; the other is business and production capacity going abroad.

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