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【Concern】Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department visited Jiecheng New Energy Jiangmen Comprehensive Utilisation Industrial Park.

2023-07-06 16:14:36

On 4th July, the Assistant Director of Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department, Mr. Kenny Cheng, the Principal Environmental Protection Officer, Mr. David Lai, the Senior Environmental Protection Officer, Mr. Yuen Shun Ling, the Environmental Protection Officer, Mr. Zhou Ruixin, and the Project Officer, Mr. Lin Zijian, visited and investigated into the new energy park in Jiangmen, which was warmly received by the Deputy General Manager of Jiecheng New Energy, Mr. Lam Hiu-Chieh, and the relevant persons in charge.

Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department Assistant Director Ken Cheng and his entourage visited Jiecheng New Energy Jiangmen Comprehensive Utilisation Industrial Park Plant No. 2, and learnt in detail about the enterprise profile, layout planning, production line process and product system, and then the two sides exchanged views on the status quo and technological paths of the recycling of decommissioned power batteries in the Greater Bay Area, and conducted discussions on the development of new energy decommissioned power batteries co-operation.


During the discussion, the relevant person in charge of our company analysed the current new energy decommissioning power battery market in the mainland, and focused on the growth of Jiecheng New Energy in recent years, technology research and development, and strategic planning for future development.

After listening to the overall report of our company, Mr Cheng Kin, Assistant Director of the Environmental Protection Department of Hong Kong, had a more in-depth understanding of Jebsen New Energy's business philosophy and development prospects, etc., and exchanged and discussed the future cooperation between the two sides in the recycling of decommissioned power batteries in the Greater Bay Area.

Deputy General Manager Lin Xiaojie thanked the leadership of the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department from the bottom of his heart for sharing the information, and said that Jiecheng New Energy will be rooted in the Bay Area, facing the world, and will always maintain the attitude of building on strengths, pioneering and innovating, so as to add colour and glory to the prosperous development of the Bay Area, and to make new contributions to accelerating the construction of a new pattern of development in our country, and to make new contributions to the transformation of energy cleanliness and low carbon.


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