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【Concern】Hu Chengwan, Director of Development and Reform Bureau of Longgang District, Shenzhen, and his delegation visited Jiecheng New Energy to carry out enterprise service work.

2023-07-13 16:20:11

On 11th July, Hu Chengwan, Director of Development and Reform Bureau of Longgang District, Shenzhen, and his party visited Jiecheng New Energy to carry out enterprise service work and conduct research and exchange on Jiecheng New Energy's Shenzhen headquarters project. Zheng Weipeng, Chairman of Jiecheng New Energy, and Ding Baidong, Deputy General Manager, and other relevant personnel received and participated in the research meeting.

Longgang District Development and Reform Bureau and his entourage visited the company's exhibition hall, a detailed understanding of the development history of Jiecheng New Energy, technological innovation achievements and industrial layout planning.

At the symposium, Deputy General Manager of Jiecheng New Energy, Mr Ding Baodong, gave a detailed introduction of our company's business growth in recent years, technology research and development, and the construction of our headquarters base in Shenzhen, etc. He also had an in-depth discussion with the government leaders on the development of new energy industry, green and low-carbon transformation, and policy support.

Zheng Weipeng, chairman of the board of directors, said that with the popularity of new energy vehicles and the continuous expansion of the market, Jiecheng New Energy insists on a precise, pragmatic and steady pace, and constantly improves the three-pronged plan of "all-channel layout", "global layout" and "all-industrial chain layout". industry chain layout"; towards the "market value of 10 billion", "revenue of 10 billion, processing capacity of one million tonnes", "operating for a hundred years" of the three hundred target We are striving to build a strategic position as the leader of lithium recycling industry and show the strength of Made-in-China to the world.

Hu Chengwan, director of Longgang District Development and Reform Bureau, fully affirmed the achievements made in the high-speed development of Jiecheng New Energy, and deployed solutions for the Jiecheng New Energy Shenzhen headquarters project on site. Hu Chengwan said, will fully support the Jiecheng new energy Shenzhen headquarters project, hope that enterprises rooted in Longgang, share opportunities, and create a better future of the city of energy, at the same time, encourage enterprises to firm confidence, anchored in the goal, and strive to promote high-quality development.

Zheng Weipeng, chairman of the board of directors, expressed his heartfelt thanks to Hu Chengwan and his party for sending policies into the enterprise, sending services to promote development, and making practical measures to solve the problems, and said that Jiecheng New Energy will not forget the original intention and bear in mind the mission, and will keep on increasing the investment in scientific research and improving the innovation efficiency on the way of exploring the sustainable energy, to make it bigger, stronger and better, and to boost the local economy and social development, and to contribute to Jiecheng's power to create a better ecological environment.


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