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【Concern】Secretary of Liyang Municipal Party Committee of Jiangsu Province Ye Minghua and his entourage visited Jiecheng New Energy Jiangsu Recycling Industrial Park to investigate and guide the work.

2023-07-15 16:41:50

On the afternoon of July 13, Ye Minghua, Secretary of Liyang Municipal Party Committee of Jiangsu Province, and his party visited Jiangsu Recycling Industrial Park of Jiecheng New Energy, and conducted on-site investigation and guided the project promotion work, accompanied by Zhou Weizhong, Chairman of the Municipal People's Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Zhao Ming, Standing Deputy Mayor, Dynasty Hui, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC, and Wang Yaocheng, Vice Chairman of CPPCC, and accompanied by Huang Zexin, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League of Changzhou and Mayor of Daitou Town, as well as Ding Baidong, Deputy General Manager of Jiecheng New Energy, and General Manager of Jiangsu Company, who accompanied the whole process and reported on the progress of the project and the work of production operation.

Huang Zexin, deputy secretary of Changzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League and mayor of Daitou Town, reported to Secretary Ye Minghua and his entourage on the planning and design of Jiangsu Recycling Industrial Park, land storage, project construction and other situations.

Ding Baodong, Deputy General Manager of Jiecheng New Energy and General Manager of Jiangsu Company, expressed his warm welcome to Secretary Ye Minghua and his party, and introduced the development history, operation, industrial layout, technology research and development, and innovation practice of Jiecheng New Energy to Secretary Ye Minghua and his party. At the same time, he also introduced the Jiangsu company is located in the Yangtze River Delta regional headquarters, to Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Anhui to provide professional lithium recycling comprehensive utilisation of urban supporting functions, the business scope involves: digital platform, high-speed testing, intelligent warehousing, laddering, regeneration and dismantling, material repair.

Secretary Ye Minghua highly affirmed the construction and development momentum of Jiecheng new energy automobile decommissioned power battery (Jiangsu) recycling project, highly praised Jiecheng new energy's spirit of practical work, and encouraged the project of Jiecheng new energy Jiangsu company to be built as a benchmark project of Liyang city; and said that through the field visit, he fully felt the excellent achievements of Jiecheng new energy in industrial layout, whole industry chain development mode, scientific and technological innovation and other aspects.

General Manager Ding Baodong expressed his heartfelt thanks to Secretary Ye Minghua for his trust and encouragement, and expressed his sincere gratitude to Liyang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government for their strong support during the construction of the project, and said that Jiecheng New Energy will make use of its existing lithium recycling and comprehensive utilization of industrial and industry resources to build a lithium battery recycling ecosystem with Liyang Municipal Government and set up an industry benchmark for the recycling and reuse of lithium batteries, so as to inject a new impetus and add a new dynamic for the promotion of the high-quality development of Liyang City's industrial economy.

Jiecheng New Energy has advanced technological advantages and rich industry experience in lithium battery recycling and comprehensive utilisation, which is highly compatible with Liyang's industrial development needs, and the two sides have a wide space for cooperation and great potential. In the future, Jiecheng New Energy will actively dock with the direction of Liyang's industrial development, jointly build a circular economy system for lithium resources, and contribute to the revitalisation and development of Liyang.


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