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British AHK delegation visited Jiecheng New Energy for exchange

2023-07-13 09:22:18

On July 11th, Dr. Laurance, Director of Technology Department of Alfred H Knight (hereinafter referred to as "AHK") Group, and Patrick, Director of Circular Economy Division, accompanied by Sun Yuan (Simon), Business Development Manager of AHK China, came to our company to visit and exchange ideas. Mr. Zheng Weipeng, Chairman of Jiecheng New Energy, Mr. Ding Baodong, Deputy General Manager and other relevant persons in charge warmly received and had an in-depth exchange.

AHK, known as Alfred H Knight International Co., Ltd, was founded in 1881 and is headquartered in the North of England, with a 140-year history of providing a full range of independent inspection, analytical and technical consultancy services to mining and metals industry organizations throughout the world. AHK is an independent market leader with offices and laboratories strategically located in the major mineral and metal producing and consuming regions of the world. AHK currently operates in over 40 countries.

AHK delegation firstly went to Jiangsu Recycling Industrial Park, the headquarters of Jiecheng New Energy in Yangtze River Delta Region. Accompanied by the relevant persons in charge, they visited the project department of the industrial park and the comprehensive utilization of decommissioned lithium batteries production plant successively, and understood in detail the overall planning, business scope, construction and operation of the Jiangsu Recycling Industrial Park as well as the classification and treatment process of decommissioned battery packs, lithium battery wafer materials and black powder materials. The AHK delegation had a deeper understanding of our advanced method and standardized operation in dealing with decommissioned lithium batteries.

Afterwards, the AHK delegation went to Jebsen New Energy's headquarters in Shenzhen and visited the company's showroom, R&D center and testing center. Deputy General Manager Mr. Ding Baidong introduced to the AHK delegation the 11-year development history, operation status, industrial layout, technological innovation and social responsibility of Jiecheng New Energy. Afterwards, the two sides carried out in-depth discussions and exchanges on metal element testing business, testing technology and application, and technical R&D cooperation.

The AHK delegation affirmed and praised the achievements of Jebsen New Energy in the comprehensive utilization of lithium battery recycling, and expressed great intention to cooperate. In the future, AHK and Jiecheng New Energy will have the opportunity to utilize their respective innovative technologies and integrate their high-quality resources to carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of lithium battery recycling. Through professional sampling, accurate and reliable inspection and testing, we will reduce the time of waiting for the test results in the business transactions as well as provide authoritative quality endorsement for the products, thus greatly enhancing the overall efficiency of the industry's transactions upstream and downstream and the degree of mutual trust to promote the lithium battery recycling industry towards green, low-carbon and high-quality development. industry toward green, low-carbon and high-quality development.


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