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Jiecheng New Energy and AHK formally signed a technical cooperation agreement.

2024-02-02 16:48:26

On January 30th, the signing ceremony of technical cooperation between Jiecheng New Energy and Alfred H Knight (hereinafter referred to as “AHK”) Group was held in Jiecheng New Energy's headquarter, which was attended by Mark Quillinan, General Manager of AHK China, Wang Dawei, Manager of AHK China Inspection Center, Sun Yuan, Business Development Manager of AHK Asia-Pacific Region, and relevant persons in charge. Sun Yuan, AHK Asia-Pacific Business Development Manager, Zheng Weipeng, Chairman of Jiecheng New Energy, Ding Baodong, Deputy General Manager, Zhang Qiuhui, Deputy General Manager and other relevant persons in charge attended the signing ceremony.

The strategic cooperation, the two sides reached in the field of lithium recycling and comprehensive utilization of joint testing technology development and technological innovation, to achieve more objective, fair and accurate sampling, sample making and testing, and jointly promote the preparation and implementation of testing standards, and ultimately allow the lithium recycling industry to improve the efficiency of the business and the settlement, to achieve cost reductions and efficiency gains, and to help the dual-carbon goals. In addition, the two sides also reached a synergy of their domestic and foreign resources and joint training of talents to achieve complementary and greater value.

Mark Quillinan, General Manager of AHK China, said that Jiecheng New Energy and AHK have established a good cooperation foundation in the early stage, and the company attaches great importance to the further in-depth technical cooperation between the two sides, and hopes that both sides will take the signing of this contract as an opportunity to further utilize their respective advantages, and form a stable and long-term partnership.

Zheng Weipeng, chairman of the board of directors, said that the technical cooperation between the two sides is a strategic cooperation that positively realizes resource sharing and complementary advantages. In the future, Jiecheng New Energy and AHK will work together on technological innovation and talent cultivation, enhance their advantages in the field of lithium recycling and comprehensive utilization, promote the development of both sides to a new level, and make positive contributions to the landing of our country's “dual-carbon” strategy.

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