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Jiecheng New Energy and SMM reached a strategic cooperation.

2024-02-08 16:53:54

In order to deepen practical cooperation, promote industrial exchanges, and realize mutual assistance and win-win situation, Jiecheng New Energy and SMM signed a strategic cooperation agreement on February 6, and both parties concluded a formal strategic partnership.SMM Senior Vice President Lu Jialong and Jiecheng New Energy Chairman Zheng Weipeng attended the meeting and witnessed the signing of the agreement.

According to the agreement, the two sides will carry out a full range of in-depth cooperation from the height of the industry: in terms of price quotes, based on the characteristics of the lithium recycling industry to jointly explore a more suitable price sampling, formation mechanism and method, etc., to help the quotes price more objectivity; on-line joint construction of authoritative science and technology platforms for the industry to output Jiecheng's technology and experience; in exhibitions, forums and other activities to carry out a more in-depth and breadth of cooperation, to better serve domestic and foreign customers and brand promotion work together to promote the development of China's comprehensive utilization of lithium recycling industry. In the exhibition and forum activities, more depth and width of cooperation, better service customers at home and abroad and brand promotion work, and jointly promote the development of China's lithium recycling comprehensive utilization of industry.

At present, China's new energy vehicles and lithium recovery development are in the industry's international leading stage, the two sides together to promote China's lithium recycling comprehensive utilization of technology, standards, programs and experience to the world, for the country's international pioneering strategy to make more contributions.

In the future, the two sides will also explore the price mechanism of lithium recycling raw materials and basic research, in order to promote the price of the new mechanism when the time is ripe, to help the industry healthy and sustainable development, and further strengthen China's lithium recycling in the international leading edge.

During the discussion and exchange, Chairman Zheng Weipeng said that SMM, as a third-party non-ferrous metal quotation platform, has extraordinary influence in the world in terms of pricing, big data, consulting, conference activities and other services. The cooperation between Jiecheng New Energy and SMM is not only the superposition of strength, but also the resonance of concepts and the sharing of value, and we believe that by virtue of the complementary strengths and joint efforts of the two sides, we will certainly break the waves in the blue sea of lithium recycling and comprehensive utilization, which is full of challenges and opportunities.

Mr. Lu Jialong, Senior Vice President of SMM, said that Jiecheng New Energy is a very pragmatic, efficient company with a high sense of social responsibility, with strong technical strength and first-mover advantage in the lithium recycling industry, especially in the construction of corporate culture and operation and management is quite perfect. We look forward to the future of the two sides can uphold the concept of openness, sharing and win-win, and continue to deepen the cooperative relationship, broaden the field of cooperation, to provide strong support for the high-quality development of the new energy industry.

At the signing ceremony, Yu Lei, Deputy General Manager of SMM New Energy Division, and Ding Baodong, Deputy General Manager of Jiecheng New Energy, signed the strategic cooperation agreement as representatives of both parties.

The dragon soars ten thousand miles and rides the wind. As the leader of lithium recovery and comprehensive utilization industry, Jiecheng New Energy has continuously increased its investment in cutting-edge technologies such as digital intelligent recovery, whole package utilization, material repair, and so on, which empowers the industry's innovative development. The strategic cooperation with SMM, the two sides will through the power of wisdom and cooperation, complement each other's strengths, share resources, seek new development, new leaps and bounds, and collaborate to build the industry's innovation ecology.

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