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Exploring Innovation Together and Achieving Excellence Together】Harbin Institute of Technology Business School Entered Jiecheng New Energy

2024-04-02 17:10:11

March 23, Harbin Institute of Technology Business School delegation of teachers and students into the Jiecheng new energy visits and exchanges, Jiecheng new energy chairman Zheng Weipeng, deputy general manager Zhang Qiuhui, deputy general manager Yang HaoYu and director of the sales department of LiFang and other relevant responsible person warmly received, and Jiecheng new energy scientific research achievements as a case study, to explore the road of scientific and technological innovation empowered by the road of high-quality development.

【共探创新 同行致远】哈尔滨工业大学商学院走进杰成新能源

Accompanied by Deputy General Manager Yang Hao Yu, the delegation of Harbin Institute of Technology Business School visited Jiecheng New Energy's showroom and R&D center, and gained an in-depth understanding of Jiecheng New Energy's current status of development, strategic layout, and technological innovation. All the guests were impressed by the results of Jiecheng's digital and intellectual transformation in the context of dual-carbon transformation, as well as its solid foundation in the lithium recycling industry, and highly affirmed the achievements of Jiecheng New Energy.


Then at the symposium, Chairman Zheng Weipeng expressed his welcome and thanks to the delegation of HIT Business School, and shared and exchanged views on topics such as the current new energy aftermarket environment, enterprise development strategy, scientific and technological innovation and business to the good. At the same time, he gave detailed answers one by one to the students' questions about technology, investment and financing, market and development.


As an important enterprise in the field of lithium recycling, Jiecheng New Energy, with the strategic concept of promoting the high-quality development of the whole industry chain of lithium recycling and comprehensive utilization, is actively seizing the opportunity of the era of developing new quality productivity, taking scientific and technological innovation as the engine, promoting the innovative application of digital intelligent technology in the recycling of decommissioned power batteries and the whole life-cycle management, continuing to improve the efficiency of resource recycling and utilization, and continuously consolidating the development of the industry's digital intellectualization. Base.


The Harbin Institute of Technology Business School delegation of teachers and students visited Jiecheng New Energy, not only for the school, the enterprises and Jiecheng to build a platform for in-depth exchanges and interactions, but also provide a good opportunity for future innovation and cooperation. In the future, Jiecheng New Energy will continue to deepen the cooperation and exchange with universities and colleges, innovate multiple study mode, and promote greater win-win development.

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