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【Good News】Jiecheng New Energy was honored to be on the 2023 Venture50 Carbon Neutral List.

2024-04-02 17:12:26

Recently, 2023Venture50 list was announced, which is known as “China's high-growth enterprise investment value wind vane”, Jiecheng New Energy with the lithium recycling and comprehensive utilization of the industry's leading comprehensive resource processing capabilities, strong technical strength and promote the industrial upgrading of the strong potential to be listed in the “Investment Community Carbon in the Peace” list. Venture50” list.


Since Zero2IPO Venture (1945.HK) founded Venture50 in 2006, the event has undergone nearly two decades of development and sublimation, and has now become a wind vane for the investment value of China's high-growth enterprises. As of October 2023, a total of 75,000+ companies have participated in the event, helping the companies on the list to raise more than RMB 239.456 billion, with a follow-up financing rate of 49.25% and an IPO rate of about 15.27%.

2023Venture50 has set up Wind & Cloud List, Sprout List and Industry List based on different stages of development of enterprises, gathered 10,000 entrepreneurial projects, invited hundreds of investment organizations and over 1,000 investors to review the list, and made comprehensive scores on enterprises from a professional investment perspective after 5 months of selection and comparison, research and visit, aiming at creating a multi-dimensional interactive platform for science and innovation enterprises and investment organizations, bringing capital boost to many high-quality projects, and actively encouraging the development and development of the industry. It aims to create a multi-dimensional interactive platform for science and innovation enterprises and investment organizations, bring capital assistance to many high-quality projects, and actively promote venture capital to support industrial landing and serve the real economy, guide more venture capital and innovation forces to promote the development, and create a thick soil for science and technology innovation in an all-round way.

This list is not only a high recognition of Jiecheng New Energy's leading role in the field of lithium recovery and comprehensive utilization, but also a full affirmation of our commitment to promoting the innovative development of digital intelligence. In the future, driven by the new quality productivity, Jiecheng New Energy will focus on playing a leading role in digital intelligence in the field of lithium resource recycling, continue to build and optimize the industrial ecology, and contribute more to China's realization of the “dual-carbon” goal!


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