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California EPA Administrator and Transportation Administrator visited Jiecheng New Energy for investigation and exchange

2024-04-10 09:20:23

Recently, Yana Garcia Gonzalez, Director of California Environmental Protection Agency, and Tox Omishakin, Director of Transportation Agency, visited JCNRE for investigation and exchange. Mr. Li Yanqin, Director of Government and Public Affairs, Mr. Ye Liqiang, Director of Research Institute, Mr. Feng Wei, Associate Professor of Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology (SIAT), Mr. Yao Wenjiao, Associate Researcher of Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology (SIAT), and other relevant persons in charge of JCNRE warmly received the delegation.


The main purpose of the U.S. California delegation's visit to China is to continue the cooperative relationship between China and California based on the outcomes of Governor Gavin Newsom's 2023 visit to China - advancing climate action and cooperation, promoting economic development and tourism, and strengthening cultural ties. California is a continent that is very focused on environmental protection and climate change, and has set clear goals for zero carbon and carbon reduction, including in transportation areas such as passenger cars, integrated transportation, and heavy trucks. Among them, the issue of how to deal with retired power storage batteries of new energy vehicles has been on the agenda, and is one of the main purposes of this dialog with China.

The relevant person in charge of Jebsen New Energy showed the California delegation the company's energy-saving and carbon reduction system in the field of resource recycling, its leading technological achievements, its digital intelligent integrated management platform, and the Cabernet Sauvignon Light Storage and Charging Whole-Package Utilization of Energy Storage Station project in a comprehensive way, and at the same time, introduced in detail Jebsen New Energy's history of development, current operation status, and social responsibility.


At the research meeting, the two sides carried out in-depth discussions and exchanges around the process system, environmental protection, safety, scientific and technological innovation in the field of decommissioned power battery recycling, and reached a consensus on the further promotion of the project to build recycling projects of decommissioned power batteries in California to cooperate and promote technological progress.


The delegation of California highly appreciated Jiecheng New Energy's focus on technological innovation over the years to create a number of intelligent, complete system of efficient recycling of retired power batteries, and made a positive appreciation of our company's recycling technology of retired power batteries to internationalization to promote green and low-carbon development, and expressed its willingness to strengthen technological exchanges in new energy, low-carbon environmental protection, circular economy and other aspects with advanced enterprises in China. He expressed his willingness to strengthen technical exchanges with Chinese advanced enterprises in new energy, low-carbon environmental protection, recycling economy, etc., and deepen the Guangdong-California cooperation in the fields of climate change, energy saving and environmental protection at the provincial and state levels, so as to jointly promote the global ecological protection and progress of the industry, and to help the realization of the global dual-carbon goal.


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