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Global lithium recycling industry experts delegation Jiecheng new energy trip to a successful conclusion

2024-04-26 09:28:29

On April 24, nearly 30 experts and entrepreneurs from 11 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Sweden, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Norway, India, Lithuania, and other global lithium recycling industry experts visited Jiecheng New Energy's Jiangsu base for a visit and exchange. Mr. Ding Baodong, deputy general manager of the Group and general manager of Jiangsu base, and relevant persons in charge received them warmly.


On the scene, the relevant person in charge gave the delegation a detailed introduction of Jiecheng New Energy's scale of development, industrial layout, technological innovation and visionary planning, and led the delegation to go deep into the smart workshop to experience Jiecheng New Energy's advanced production process and rigorous quality management system on the basis of ensuring that large-scale processing capacity meets the specification requirements, including the third-generation battery pack dismantling line, the third-generation particle discharging technology, fourth generation battery crushing and dismantling technology, and material repair technology. Every iterative and updated process, every strictly controlled detail fully demonstrates Jiecheng New Energy's pursuit of excellent quality and service, which left a deep impression on the visiting delegation and won the unanimous praise of the delegation members.


During the exchange dinner, Ding Baidong expressed his warm welcome to the delegation's visit and hoped that this would be a good start to deepen the communication, establish cooperative relationship and develop a broader market together. “Jiecheng is very willing to share Jiecheng's experience with global professionals in the field of lithium recycling and comprehensive utilization, and jointly promote the high-quality development of lithium recycling industry, creating a better home.” Ding Baidong said.


The delegation gave a high evaluation to this inspection activity, and mentioned that China's lithium recycling and comprehensive utilization industry is developing rapidly, and there are a lot of practical experience to learn from, this inspection activity enhances the communication and exchange of global lithium recycling and comprehensive utilization enterprises, and we hope to have the opportunity to further strengthen the communication and establish cooperation with Jiecheng and more advanced recycling enterprises in China to promote the development of the industry together and realize the mutual benefit and win-win situation. Mutually beneficial and win-win situation.


Michael Cleveland, COO of Revex, expressed his gratitude to Jiecheng for its careful preparation, which is a high-quality, high-level learning and exchange trip. From recycling raw materials, storage to production process, every technical solution is worth learning from, especially the discharge technology and material restoration technology, which is highly environmentally friendly, efficient, and other outstanding features.

The visit of the global lithium recycling industry expert delegation not only demonstrated the strength and achievements of Jiecheng New Energy in the field of lithium recycling and comprehensive utilization, but also injected a new impetus for the international development of Jiecheng New Energy. In the tide of global energy transformation and development, Chinese enterprises represented by Jebsen New Energy will adhere to the concepts of innovation-driven, technology-first and quality-led, promote the industry to a greener, more efficient and smarter direction, and contribute more power to the sustainable development of human society.


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