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【Youth Upward Bearing】--Longgang District Federation of Industry and Commerce Young Entrepreneurs Symposium and Youth Committee Team (Enlarged) Meeting Held

2024-05-18 10:43:33

In order to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation among young entrepreneurs, give full play to the role of the Youth Committee of Longgang District Federation of Industry and Commerce, and gather the strength of young entrepreneurs to promote the high-quality development of the private economy, on the afternoon of May 15, the symposium of young entrepreneurs of the Longgang District Federation of Industry and Commerce and the Youth Committee team (enlarged) was convened at the headquarters of the new energy of Jiecheng, the deputy minister of the United Front Work Department of the District Committee of CPC and the secretary of the Party group of the District Federation of Industry and Commerce.Hu Guoguang,Director, Youth Committee, District Chamber of Commerce and IndustryZheng Weipeng ,deputy directorChen Xiaode, Huang Hao, Huang Jiayin, Yu Lan and Ye Feipeng, Qiu Bentian, Zhong XianqiRepresentatives of young entrepreneurs and others attended the meeting.


“The majority of young people should unswervingly listen to and follow the Party.”


The meeting conveyed and studied the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's message to the youth nationwide on May 4 Youth Day. The meeting emphasized that young entrepreneurs should deeply understand the rich connotation and practical requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important message, unswervingly listen to the Party, follow the Party, strive to be a good young man of the new era who has ideals, dares to take up responsibilities, is able to endure hardship and is willing to struggle, and strive unitedly and build up a career for the realization of the grand blueprint drawn up by the Party's twentieth congress.

Young entrepreneurs are the most energetic, dynamic and innovative group of young people, and they are the driving force to promote the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and they are a very important force in the economic and social development of the whole region. The Youth Committee of Longgang District Federation of Industry and Commerce aims to build a platform for young entrepreneurs to communicate, learn, grow and win together, and to build an indispensable reserve force for the economic and social construction of Longgang.


“Contemporary Chinese youth have been born at the right time, the stage for them to display their talents is immense, and the prospects for realizing their dreams are bright.”


Zheng Weipeng:

As the director of the Youth Committee of Longgang District Federation of Industry and Commerce, I deeply feel the great responsibility. The next step will be to “cultivate oneself and family, rule the enterprise and do good deeds”, strengthen learning and innovation, and realize the sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise. At the same time, we will be “attending and contributing” to the work of the Youth Committee with the greatest enthusiasm, serving young entrepreneurs in a practical way, leading young entrepreneurs to actively fulfill their social responsibilities, consciously combining the development of their own enterprises with the development of the country, and contributing to the development of China's youth and strength in the new era.


Huang Hao:

Our youth committee should take inheritance as the original intention, and the young entrepreneurs should inherit and carry forward the spirit of the old generation of entrepreneurs who love the party and love the country, work hard, dare to break through and dedicate themselves to the society. In the process of running the enterprise, our young generation should show the spirit of the new era of inheritance of the century and practical work to build up the country.


Chen Xiaode:

To give full play to the role of youth committee and promote the growth of young entrepreneurs, it is important for the youth committee to carry out activities suitable for their own development, such as cultural and sports activities, book clubs, study tours and exchanges, and entrepreneurship sharing, etc., and to unite the power of young people through the distinctive activities.


Wong Chia-Yin:

As enterprises engaged in traditional industries, in the era of new media, we should recognize the basic trend of new media changes, find the focus of practice, take the initiative to use the new media conditions, do a good job in the integration of new media and traditional industry development, and promote the traditional industries with new vitality.



The Youth Committee helps to promote the interaction and exchange of young people in the region, and will actively cooperate with the work of the Youth Committee in the future. As the person in charge of the industrial park, we will keep abreast of the government's supportive policies to incubate various small and medium-sized entrepreneurial enterprises.


Zhong Xianqi:

Young entrepreneurs have vigor and vitality, and we hope that the Youth Committee will play an organizational function to lead our entrepreneurs to learn from each other, complement each other's strengths and weaknesses, improve their comprehensive quality and ability, and achieve long-term development of enterprises.


Ye Feipeng:

It is hoped to utilize the platform of the Youth Committee to strengthen the exchange and collaboration with enterprises of various industries in the region, expand the socialization and influence of young entrepreneurs, and improve the visibility of enterprises.


Qiu Honda:

It is suggested that the Youth Committee should design a good activity project to attract young entrepreneurs to actively participate, and continuously enhance the cohesion and vitality of the organization. In the future, under the leadership of the Youth Committee, we will work actively and take the initiative to help young entrepreneurs grow and become successful.




Hu Guoguang said that FICCI will strengthen the guidance to young entrepreneurs, care about the growth of young entrepreneurs, understand what young entrepreneurs “think” and “want”, and support the majority of young entrepreneurs to build a career. He put forward three hopes to the Youth Committee, firstly, to play the role of the Youth Committee as a growth platform of “communication, learning, growth and win-win”, and to serve the young entrepreneurs in their learning, growth and career development. The second is to explore activities suitable for the characteristics of young entrepreneurs, such as sports, entertainment, reading and other activities, to gather the energy of the new organization. Thirdly, we emphasize on giving back to the society and actively participate in public welfare and charitable undertakings. At the same time, it focuses on unity and collaboration to gather development strength.


“Let youth blossom in the hot practice of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way.”

Matters related to the Working Rules of Young Entrepreneurs Committee of Shenzhen Longgang District Federation of Industry and Commerce were discussed at the meeting. The participants visited the exhibition hall and R&D center of Jiecheng New Energy, and gained an in-depth understanding of Jiecheng New Energy's development status, strategic layout, technological innovation as well as the results of the digital and intellectual transformation practice in the context of dual-carbon.


Jiecheng New Energy has ploughed into the field of lithium recycling and comprehensive utilization for 12 years, adhering to the mission of “taking low-carbon recycling as its own responsibility, and constructing an all-round supply chain of new energy and green materials”, and using scientific and technological innovation as the engine to promote the innovative application of digital intelligence technology in the whole life-cycle management of decommissioned battery recycling, and continuously helping to...Technical innovation in the industry, injecting new vitality into the sustainable development of the new energy industry.



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