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Exploring Innovative Paths in Engineering Education] Jebsen New Energy was Invited to Attend the Asian Engineering College Deans Seminar

2024-02-19 16:56:18

On January 14th, the Asian Engineering Dean's Seminar jointly organized by Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), Singapore Academy of Engineering (SAE), China Academy of Science and Education Strategy Research Institute (CASESRI) of Zhejiang University (ZJU), International Center for Engineering Education (ICEE), and Engineering Education Review (EER) was successfully concluded. Mr. Zheng Weipeng, Chairman of Jebsen New Energy, was invited to attend and deliver a keynote speech. 

This symposium is the prelude to the Global Industrial Forum for Engineering Deans, which brings together nearly 200 renowned scholars in the field of engineering education, as well as executives from leading industrial and technological enterprises concerned with the development of engineering education, to explore new paths for engineering education, share educational experiences, build a cooperation and exchange platform for the development of engineering education in the Asian region, and promote the common progress and innovation of engineering education in the region to meet major global challenges. The conference will build a cooperation and exchange platform for the development of engineering education in the Asian region, promote the common progress and innovation of engineering education in the region, and respond to the major global challenges.


Xu Zhenghe, Dean of the School of Engineering of Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), Foreign Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Sciences, and Academician of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, presided over the opening ceremony, and Fang Hongwei, Vice President and Provost of SUSTech, gave a welcoming speech.

In the theme report session, Mr. Zheng Weipeng, Chairman of Jiecheng New Energy, focused on the theme of era, innovation, and talent, and shared the ideas and practices of “dual-carbon” talent cultivation of our company in the stage of rapid development of the new energy industry, which triggered a hot discussion among the attendees.

Zheng Weipeng, chairman of the board of directors, said that carbon neutrality accelerates energy change, the world is experiencing an accelerated transition from fossil energy to new energy sources, providing unprecedented opportunities for the development of China's new energy industry. Jiecheng New Energy, with keen foresight, has been plowing into the lithium recycling industry for 12 years, and its production capacity and performance are among the forefront of the industry. Along with the rapid development of our company, the reserve of strategic talents is the key element and the biggest challenge to construct the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

Therefore, in 2023, we formally created the “Jiecheng Eagle Talent Training Project”, which covers the whole sequence of scientific research talent system, including specialists, undergraduates, masters, PhDs, professors, academicians, etc., to practice the national talent strategy of combining industry and education and cultivate the “dual-carbon” talents, and commit to building the “dual-carbon” talents and the “dual-carbon” talents. “We are committed to building a ‘Whampoa Military Academy’ in the field of lithium recycling.

Finally, Mr. Zheng Weipeng, Chairman of the Board of Directors, put forward a four-point direction for the joint cultivation of more “dual-carbon” industry-leading management talents with institutions. First, encourage students to enter enterprise practice earlier; second, enterprises and institutions to jointly cultivate and establish closer to the front line of the enterprise practical training instructors; third, the school can recommend students to go to private enterprises to hang deputy practice, enterprise systematic management practice; fourth, schools and enterprises to jointly carry out prospective research, training industry leaders, to solve the “dual-carbon” talent gap. “talent gap.

On the scene of the event, Jebsen New Energy made a brilliant appearance with its cutting-edge comprehensive utilization solutions for retired power storage batteries. Its unique innovative concepts and technological achievements gained wide recognition and attention from domestic and foreign guests, and the consultation and exchange at the booth was continuous.

Jiecheng New Energy will take this seminar as an opportunity to continue practicing the enterprise tenet of “Adults reach themselves and return to the society”, to further deepen the exchange and cooperation with more professional colleges and universities and partners in the field of production, learning and research, and to join hands to cultivate high-end elites, in order to realize the goal of “Double Carbon” and the goal of all mankind. and contribute “Jiecheng's power” to realize China's “dual-carbon” goal and the harmonious and friendly development of the environment for all mankind! 


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